Bleak Scenes

Abandoned places, lesser-known attractions, and assorted oddities

Riverside Ruins


While I was on my way to Kiyosato to explore the Sun Park Hotel, I noticed some abandoned buildings to my left, and recognized them as ones that I'd seen on the Spike Japan Blog. I decided that it was worth stopping to check them out.

The first building was an abandoned karaoke parlour, perched on concrete columns above the side of a river.

I had a look inside, but the place had been gutted and I didn't notice anything particularly interesting. I didn't explore the back rooms or search for a way upstairs, because the floor looked dubious, and it would have been a painful drop if it gave way.

A short distance away was an abandoned three storey wedding hall, and directly opposite the wedding hall was a pub called Jakarta, which had almost certainly been abandoned too.

The interior of the wedding hall had been largely stripped, which is rather unusual in Japan. Most abandoned buildings that I've explored still had most of their contents, presumably because it's not worth anyone's time to salvage them.

The ground floor had been filled with old furniture and other unwanted stuff. Presumably the locals had put the building to good use as a free garbage dump.

The upper floors were almost empty, apart from huge piles of bird droppings, and some scaffolding that had been left behind for some reason.

About 60 metres upriver from the wedding hall was an unusual cow-shaped building. I remembered seeing photographs of it online, but I decided to have a look for myself. I didn't see anything to indicate its purpose, so I can only guess that it once sold some kind of dairy product.

Not much was left of the interior. The building consisted of a plywood and fibreglass shell supported by a light wooden frame, which was starting to sag. The remains of a large rear projector television sat in the middle of the building's only room.