Bleak Scenes

Abandoned places, lesser-known attractions, and assorted oddities

Restaurant by the Pachinko Parlour


I found this small abandoned restaurant across the car park from the ruins of Pachinko Garden. It stood beside the railroad tracks, about 60 metres from the nearest station. There was no glass in the front door, so I just stepped through and had a look inside. A calendar on the wall was open to October 1998, so the place was probably abandoned at around this time. I know nothing else of its history. There was no sign, so I couldn't even find out its name.

I can only guess why the restaurant was abandoned. Perhaps it got a lot of business from pachinko players, and soon followed Pachinko Garden into bankruptcy. Perhaps it just fell victim to Japan's general economic malaise. Perhaps the proprietor retired and nobody wanted to take over the business.

It looked like like the restaurant still had most of its original contents. There were even some cups and bowls sitting atop a towel on the counter, where they had been left to dry many years before. Someone had left a bowl of some kind of food behind the counter, which was now covered by a thick layer of fungus. Perhaps this was a final parting gesture on the part of the proprietor.