Bleak Scenes

Abandoned places, lesser-known attractions, and assorted oddities

Hotel Gaia Front Section


The cottages in the front section were arranged around a central rectangular courtyard. Most of them were about the same size and shape, but two at the rear of the courtyard were larger and fancier than the others. All were single storey. The buildings were in very good condition for ruins, so I concluded that they were abandoned fairly recently.

A driveway led from the left back corner of the courtyard to the rear section of the hotel.

The front office was in a single storey structure between car park's entrance and exit. It contained a laundry room, toilet, storeroom, and kitchen. The managers of a lot of rural love hotels live on the premises, but this building was apparently not meant to provide accommodation.

The décor of the Gaia was certainly a lot more interesting than the average love hotel, with each cottage decorated in a distinctive theme. One featured a bed resembling a giant telephone, and a bath in the shape of a teacup. Another had an aquatic theme, with a bed shaped like an enormous seashell. There was even a small boxing ring in one room. Other rooms had space, casino, and Disney themes. The bathroom of the Disney cottage was decorated with a rather risqué painting of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I doubt that this was officially licensed by the Disney Corporation.

Apparently the roofs still kept the rain out, because the rooms were dry and I didn't notice any signs of decay. A lot of the room contents had been scattered about, and there was a little graffiti, but the place was otherwise virtually untouched by vandals. I found a USEN program guide for October 2010 to March 2011 in one of the rooms, a relatively recent date that was consistent with the good condition of the hotel.

The two larger cottages at the back of the courtyard were considerably more luxurious than the others. One of them had an indoor stream, which ran under one of the walls and continued outdoors. A wooden bridge over the stream led to the bedroom. There was even a little water wheel in the back corner. The stream was dry when I made my visit, but it must have been an impressive sight when the water was flowing. A little wooden shed at the back of the room contained the toilet. There was a sauna in the corner near the bedroom.

The bedroom was still in near perfect condition. It had a rotating bed, a feature which I'd seen previously at the Hotel Don Quixote, but this was the first time that I'd seen one in such good condition. It would probably still work if you reconnected the electricity.

The second luxury cottage also had a rotating bed, but its most interesting feature was the bathroom, which was equipped with a water slide. It's a great shame that the Hotel Gaia is no longer in business, because it would have been a fun place to visit.