Bleak Scenes

Abandoned places, lesser-known attractions, and assorted oddities

Wondabyne Quarry

Wondabyne Quarry should be a familiar sight to anyone who regularly travels by rail between Sydney and the Central Coast. It provided the sandstone for many of the buildings in Sydney, but in recent decades it's hardly ever in operation. Very occasionally, it will reopen for short periods to provide stone for specific projects.

I respected the no trespassing signs and didn't attempt to enter the site, but I got some decent photographs from the surrounding cliff tops. An ancient, extremely rusty crane overlooked one side of the quarry. Two newer cranes were perched atop the cliffs on the opposite side. A fourth crane, apparently long disused, sat rusting forlornly on the ground in the middle of the quarry.

I trudged through the bush above the quarry to get a close look at the oldest crane. It was well worth the effort, because it turned out to be an old steam crane. Even better, its fire tube boiler was still in place.